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Using the Connect Group Resource and Insider Info

A weekly email is sent out on a Monday morning to all Connect Group leaders which includes:

  • Connect Prep
  • Insider Info link (discussed below)
  • Sunday sermon link

You can also access the Connect Group Resource at or ask your Site Captain to add you to the mailing list 

A leader or group administrator can distribute this email to those that weren’t able to attend the Sunday church meetings. 

The Connect Resource has been designed for the following reasons:

  • Connect Group Resource builds on the Sunday series – Continuous repetition of biblical truths converts knowledge to life transformation. 
  • Connect Group Resource removes the pressure from the leader to have to come up with a big idea every week. 

One should not be fooled – the success of a meeting doesn’t lie in the questions, but in how a leader facilitates a meeting around the questions. The Connect Resource enables budding leaders a safe environment to begin their leadership journey, giving them the confidence that they too, can lead. Learning does not take place in a single isolated moment; in the same way a single isolated Sunday sermon is no guarantee that people will experience life – transformation. Learning knowledge generally takes place in four distinct stages:

  1. Inspiration – Being inspired by a Sunday sermon.
  2. Familiarity – Internalizing by note taking
  3. Boredom – Doing the preparation
  4. Knowledge – Coming prepared and applying the truth

Structure of the Connect Resource: 

  1. a) Get-to-know-you questions:

These are introductory questions that are superficial and lighthearted and enable people to relax while introducing the topic for the meeting. 

  1. b) Digging deeper:

In this section parallel texts are explored and used to discuss the topic in greater detail.

  1. c) Application questions:

These questions aim to apply the truth of the Bible and challenge the group toward life-transformation.


Insider Info is designed in a way to give a leader valuable inside information around the weekly topic and establish a clear bottom line. This is in no way prescriptive but merely an aid to creativity and focus. Practically, each Insider Info email has a link that presents a five to seven minute online video or audio file and includes coaching tips, visionary church announcements, potential ministry outcomes and reflections on the topic of the previous weeks preaching meeting.