Starlight Nativity 2018

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Your favourite Nativity event is back – bigger than you’ve ever experienced before!

11 – 13 December 2018 | 69 Worlds View Road | Starting at 17:00

With loads of new attractions, a discount at the entrance all the while still offering the firm favourite – camel rides – there is something for everyone at Starlight Nativity 2018! 

(1) Interactive Nativity Walk-Through – Enjoy the Nativity scene like never before with an interactive walk-through experience.

(2) Train Rides – Feel the cool evening breeze on an unforgettable train ride overlooking the city’s magnificent views.

(3) Outdoor Movie – We’ll be flighting ‘The Star’ at Starlight Nativity this year.

(4) Camel Rides – A firm favourite, let our highly sought-after camel rides transport you to a time and place much simpler than this.

(5) Carols by Candlelight – Feel all the nostalgia as all your Christmassy favourites are performed by a live band.

(6) Nativity – Themed Games – Have fun while learning about the true meaning of Christmas!

(7) Food Stalls – A delightful selection of delicious stalls to feed the family!

(8) Jumping Castle- A great way for the kids to burn off some excess energy.

(9) Miniature Ferris Wheel – A brand new addition to the attractions at Starlight Nativity and the one we are particularly excited about! Enjoy the city lights from elevated heights on our 10-person Starlight ferris wheel!

Entry Fees

Entry fee excludes camel rides, train rides, Ferris wheel & food

R40 for Adults

R20 for Kids (12 and under)

Additional fees

Camel Rides: R40

Train Rides: R10

Ferris wheel: R20

Book early, get a 50% discount and jump the queue at the entrance!

By booking online for Starlight Nativity, you qualify for a 50% discount on your entrance fee PLUS you are entitled to jump the queue at entrance! Online bookings close at midnight on Monday 10th December.

Online ticket sales have now closed. But, don’t worry, you can purchase your tickets at the gate at R40 for adults and R20 for kids 12 and under.


17:00  Gates open

17:30 – 18:30 Nativity Walk-through

18:30 – 19:00 Carols by candlelight

19:00 Outdoor Movie (The Star ft. Oprah Winfrey) flights

19:00 – 20:00 Nativity Walk-through

20:00 – 20:30 Carols by candlelight

Food on sale:

Wors Rolls R20

Burgers R25

Chips R10

Breyani R35

A tuck-shop and cappuccinos will be on sale, too. 

Here’s what you should bring with you to make your Starlight experience as fuss-free as possible.

  1. Bring a screenshot / printout of your ticket: This means we can process your entry with as little fuss as possible. Please ensure that your screenshot displays your name and ticket number.
  2. Haven’t bought your ticket yet? No stress. You can buy tickets at the entrance for R40 for an adult and R20 for kids 12 and under.
  3. Bring cash or download Zapper for your rides & dinner: There will be a Nedbank ATM available at the event and Zapper may also be used to pay for your rides & dinner. Click here to view prices of rides and dinner options.  Download Zapper onto your smartphone by clicking here.
  4. Bring blankets & chairs: To enjoy our outdoor movie theatre or to create a memorable picnic beneath the stars.
  5. Load our location onto your GPS: So that you know where to go. Directions to 69 Worlds View Road can be found by clicking here
  6. Check out our programme: to find out when the Nativity walk-throughs, carols and our outdoor movie begins.
  7. Pack something warm: To ward off any chilly evening breezes that may prevent you from having the best time ever at Starlight Nativity!
  8. Get ready to have a fantastic time!
Click on a question to see the answer:

1. Why can I only select the 13th of December when booking my ticket?

We know that life with little ones and family can get chaotic. To make your life easier, we have elected to setup our booking system in such a way that only one date may be selected, so that you do not have to commit to a date before the event. Once your booking has been made, you are welcome to attend on the 11th or 12th or 13th depending on how best Starlight fits into your schedule.

2. Until what age does my child qualify for the ‘kids’ rate?

Children under and including 12 years old, qualify as children and will pay the ‘kids’ entrance fee.

3. I see the event starts at 17:00 each day. Does that mean we need to arrive at 17:00 or could we come later?

Please scroll up to have a look at the Starlight programme under the ‘What to Expect’ header.

4. I’m trying to block book for multiple people on Quicket, but the page keeps expiring before I’m done. Help!

Quicket has set an expiry time to make sure your transaction is as secure as possible. If you are attempting to book for multiple people, please book them in groups of 5 or so, so that the page does not expire before you are done and your transaction is as secure as possible.

5. Can I draw cash at the entrance?

There will be a Nedbank ATM machine available at Starlight to draw cash, however, you will not be able to pay for your entrance, rides or food with a bank card. This does not mean that you can’t use your card to draw cash to pay for these things, of course. There will also be Zapper available to pay for your entrance, rides and food. Zapper is a mobile app available for your Apple or Android device whereby you can securely pay using your phone. To download Zapper, visit

6. Can I book for multiple people under my name?

As you walk through the gate, we will match your name with our records of bookings. Bookings for multiple people under one name, makes it tricky to correctly match each patron with a booking. You might get away with it if you make sure that everyone you booked for stands in the same spot in the entrance queue and attends on the same night. But if possible, please avoid booking in this way to avoid confusion.

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