This year we’ve made changes to Sparkle that we hope will make your Sparkle experience the best yet! Although we have tried to implement these changes seamlessly, we completely understand that you may have questions.

Are Zone A tickets still available? There are unfortunately no more Zone A tickets left in PMB but there are a few left in Durban. If you are still hoping for a preferable Zone, we suggest you try and book as soon as possible. Click here to book your Sparkle ticket.

Am I booking my seat at Sparkle/ Is a ‘seat’ the same as a ‘Zone’? Although booking specific seats for Sparkle would be fantastic, we have tried to implement a system that gives everyone a fair chance of getting a good view of the stage at Sparkle. A Zone is a seating area and not a specific seat. Zone A is the seating area with the best view of the stage, followed by Zone B and then Zone C.

Why have you introduced Zones? Glad you asked! The rationale for Zones is twofold. Firstly, Sparkle has gained a lot of traction over the last ten years (can you believe this is our tenth Sparkle!?) and so demand for tickets is on the rise. To reward those of you who book early, we want to give you the option of choosing a seating area (Zone). Secondly, booking in the same zones as your friends means that you have a greater likelihood of being able to sit with your friends at Sparkle.

Can I swap my Zone? Because we use a third party to manage the logistics of  bookings, we suggest that you pop Theresa Scott an email and ask if she can assist you in changing your Zone. She can be contacted on Make sure to address your email to Theresa Scott.

If I booked the left wing Zone B, can I sit in the right wing Zone B? If you have booked Zone B, you are welcome to sit anywhere that is labeled ‘Zone B’ on the seating plan. So, yes!

Can I book Zone A tickets manually (offline) at my site on Sunday? Because of the demand for Zone A tickets, and since we are selling tickets across 18 sites on a Sunday, the likelihood of double booking Zone A seats is incredibly high. For this reason we have decided to offer only Zone B & C tickets for sale on a Sunday at your site so that we avoid disappointing any of you. Click here to book online – your best chance of getting that Zone A seat.

Didn’t find the answer to your question here? We would love to hear from you.

Please email Robyn Houghting on with your Sparkle query- we’d be super happy to assist in making your Sparkle booking experience as seamless as possible.