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Seasonal Moments

seizing the moments


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Today we are going to look at seizing a seasonal moment. Jesus did that – feast of tabernacles, passover, synagogue moments, temple moments, the releasing of people from demon possession, a healing, an altercation with pharisees – he used these moments to get the Gospel across to people that were crowding in around him.

I think that we have these moments that cross our paths all the time. We just need to have our eyes open to see them. I’m not only talking about in your own personal capacity; we’re talking about church collective right now.

We’ve just come off the back of one of these moments – Christmas time. I trust that if you are involved in any form of leadership that you used this moment to invite unchurched friends. If you were the preacher, I trust that you preached more than the baby in a manger, a couple of wise men and some christmas carols; that you got the whole Gospel across in that moment, and that people connected with God. And that if there was the chance that an unchurched guy came in singing Christmas carols, that the Gospel would have been wheeled in on all the Christmas festivities.

Easter is another one of these occasions, so is Spring Day and many other official holidays. In South Africa we have a national holiday called Heritage Day, which is where the whole country stops and reflects on our country and is filled with gratitude. What a moment to be able to call people together to preach the Gospel. If there is a sporting event that passes your church or involves the local community that you’re involved in, you can use that as an opportunity too.

I’ve even seen guys use Valentines Day as an opportunity by hosting massive outdoor cinema events, and having people bring their, perhaps, unchurched girlfriend, fiance or wife and then presenting the Gospel to them off the back of that.

Make sure that you have your eyes open to these seasonal moments. If you’ve got a speaker who has a track record of seeing people healed or gets the Gospel across in a unique way, that can be an incredible opportunity to invite your unchurched friends. Louie Giglio used to have a way of preaching the Gospel off the back of an anatomy or astronomy lesson, which was hugely effective.

Once you have picked the seasonal moment, what do you do to maximise the effectiveness of sharing the Gospel?

Firstly, your preachers have got to be skilled at getting the Gospel message across no matter what you’re preaching about. In other words, when an unchurched guy leaves the meeting or event they are utterly sure of what is required to become a believer. When you preach the Gospel, it is powerful to save and God underwrites it with signs and wonders, so your preachers have to be on point.

In addition to that, to get people to the meeting or event your church has to be convinced that it is a conversation piece. They need to be coached and schooled and encouraged and inspired to invite their friends. Put something in their hands, which explains what you’re doing. Role play it the evening before, if necessary. In other words, explain to them, in advance, what’s actually going to happen and then be true to your word. When you run these events don’t let your church feel embarrassed. It must be done brilliantly, excellently, and with an eye for the lost.

I think these moments pass us by all the time. Jesus used them and so should we. There is an argument that church doesn’t happen from big event to big event and it’s more about living out your faith every single day. This is very true, but Jesus used big events. He didn’t just walk around in obscurity, he used these big events and so should we

It’s going to be a great year ahead. I trust that you ask God to show you these moments; seasonal moments that you can lay hold of and share the Gospel off the back of them.

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  • Stephen Swanepoel says:

    Great stuff Grant, you are correct sometimes the moments or people are so open to the word and we must be ready to explain salvation

    these quick little messages are good for recapping the basic’s well done keep it up

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