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This is the one place where you will find all the resources for leading a Connect Group. Whether you are a new leader or a potential leader this the one place where you will find all our content on leading a Connect Group.

Why we believe in Connect Groups

How to Plant a Connect Group

Building Community In A Group

The Structure of A Connect Group

Maintaining Momentum

Showing Hospitality in a Connect Group

Pastoring People in A Connect Group

Facilitating a Group Discussion

Facilitating a Response Time

Handling Transition in a Connect Group

Raising Leaders to Lead a Connect Group

Gathering People and Growing

Healthy Connect Group Leaders

Inspiring Transformation

Dealing with “Tricky People.”

Lessons Learned Over 50 Years

Using the Connect Group Resources

A Connect Group Meeting Format

Top Tips for New Leaders

There's No Place Like Home

10 Sins of Connect Group Leaders