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Welcome to the One Life 5 minute Leadership Vlog.

In the last vlog we looked at how all good administration starts with a big idea, needs to have strategic thinking behind it, as well as having the right people included, followed by an action plan and the executors that can pull it off. Today we are going to look at how you go about doing that.


Reliability is key – regardless of what phase of the administration process you’re a part of. I remember an elder once coming to me and saying, ‘I don’t think you trust me.”

I said, “what do you mean I don’t trust you?”

He replied saying, “whenever we have admin meetings you come with your papers and when you delegate a task to somebody, who you trust, you scrunch up that paper and put it in the bin. When you delegate tasks to me you put your page at the bottom of your file, which says to me that you don’t trust me.”

I responded, “I don’t do that!” and he said, “You absolutely do!”

Subconsciously what I was doing was saying that person A gets it and I don’t need to think about it again. Person B gets it, but I had better check up on him next week.

Your reputation affects the way people play with you on team. In Proverbs 22 it says that a good name is more desirable than great wealth; more esteemed than silver and gold. In Ecclesiastes 7 it says that a good name is better than perfume.

Proverbs 25 says that a reliable friend, who does what he says, is like a cold drink in boiling heat. A good and reliable friend, who does what he says is refreshing to me – it invigorates me. A friend you can’t depend on is the exact opposite. He is a drain. We need to realise that each of our actions, in a leadership space, has an effect on other people. If you’re not bringing the eats, we can’t fellowship. If the sound person doesn’t pitch for the sound check, the meeting can become an absolute mess. Understanding your actions and the role that they play is critical.


I recall a German preacher once saying that reputation is like having small change in a pocket. Our coins in our country aren’t worth much but if you go to Europe, a pound coin is worth more. If you carry around ten pounds worth of coins in your pocket, you can buy quite a bit of stuff.

When you take over a good organisation or handle the leadership of a good team, it’s like you have some loose change in the corporate pocket. People trust you. When I took over the leadership of our church people trusted me, they trusted the pulpit because Ray Oliver, the man who lead before me, was a man of extreme integrity and people believed what he said. I was given some change in my pocket and I could do something with it.

Every bad decision I make; I lose some change. Every good decision I make gets me some more change. You want something to work with when it comes to your reputation and what people think of you. You either pile it up or it dissipates and wastes away until you have this emaciated weed of a leader that people don’t take seriously.

What we’re going to do next week is look at how you build your credibility and also how you dismantle your credibility.  Next week I am going on a bike trip with seven other pastors, and the reason I’m going is not because I love motorbikes – I actually don’t; I’m scared of bikes and I’m a bad rider. I smashed my leg when I was a teenager at university.

Last year at a leaders’ meeting I was trying to inspire our leaders to do wild things and get out there on a frontier. I said, “I’m going to go on a bike trip – a mission trip – out the country – who’s coming with me?”  So here I am, next week, going on a trip, and in two weeks time I have my next leaders’ meeting and I’m going to have to face those leaders I threw out the challenge to.

People said to me why don’t you just laugh it off Grant, if you don’t really want to go to Lesotho. Oh no, if I say I am going to do something and I don’t do it, I lose change from the pocket.

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  • Peter says:

    Thank you Grant for such a great word which is very important in building us, to stand by what we say.
    Very true in what you have just mentioned above and can’t wait for the next or the word on credibility.
    This is my second week following and I am learning a lot already. Thank you and all the best on your bike trip

  • Peter says:

    I love the analagy Change in the pocket it makes so much sence

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