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Welcome to the One Life 5 minute Leadership Vlog. Today we are looking at the subject of administration.


Some of you are saying, “Admin? I’m turning off.” Before you do, I was talking to a young guy the other day about his leadership and he said, “I’m just not an admin guy.” I said, “Well if you’re not an admin guy, what sort of a guy are you?” and he replied, “I’m a people guy.” so I responded, “The administration of something – the governance of something – is what’s required to make your ‘something’ work.

The Perfect Model

Jesus is our great model. He is the creator of the cosmos. He was able to come up with an idea, strategize it, execute it and sustain it. He is the great administrator. We’re going to take our cue from Him. I’ve broken down administration into manageable components. Not everyone has got everything, so you’re going to need help from others in these different components of administration.

A Big Idea

The first one is the Big Idea. This requires creativity. Jesus, when He came to earth, came preaching in a different way. He came doing things in a different way, and people remarked on it and said that He didn’t lead, teach or behave like the pharisees (the religious guys). Jesus was set apart from the rest and had new, big ideas. Good administration has to have feeling behind it, and creativity directing the main focus. If you’re not someone who can come up with creative ideas, then get creative people around you at the beginning of the process.

The Strategy

A creative idea alone, is not going to take you anywhere –  it needs to be strategic. Strategic refers to why you do it; how is it going to push the ball forward in the field. How is it going to build and add to the main mission? What’s the point of having a big nativity scene at Christmas, for example, if it’s not going to push the ground forward. What’s the point of having a big men’s event if it isn’t going to build the church and draw men into the vision for where the church, as a whole, is going.

Jesus often astounded people with his timing and his failure to pitch up to events, and with what he endorsed or didn’t endorse. He would explain with the reason that it was, either moving the kingdom forward or that it was counterproductive and a betrayal of hearts. If you’re not a strategic thinker, then you’ve got to get strategic guys with you – guys who can scope and plan ahead!

The People Component

Big ideas with strategic intent are not enough, though. You have to include people. You have to be able to recruit, delegate and get the right people into the right positions. A strategic head is someone who is able to inspire people to follow and to come with them. This is essential to good administration.

An Action Plan

Once you’ve got the right people involved, someone has to be able to put an action plan together. That action plan will include: who is involved; when they’re involved; what they have to do; by what time things must be done and the cost. It has to be systematic and well thought through. Often that is what people think the sum-total of administration is. But it is predicated by a great idea, strategic intent and the involving right people.

If you aren’t able to meticulously think through a plan and make sure it fits together, then get someone who can to help you.

Often projects end with that – a good plan. That is, however, also not enough. Jesus was able to put together plans. We see that in Luke 10. He got the 72 people together and told them where to go, who to talk to, what to say, what to take with them and what to say when they were rejected. He put together a system and a plan for them. But it doesn’t end there.

You have to have people who can execute a plan, who are reliable and on whom you can depend. If you haven’t got those people who, when you discharge a responsibility to them, are reliably going to make it happen, then surround yourself with that sort of people.

Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

I, for example, am reasonably strong on generating ideas and strategically motivating people to get involved. I can put action plans together but I don’t really like to and I’m really lousy at constant systematic execution. But I know the type of people that I need around me to put them together and execute them. Jesus was good at that too – he’s perfect with everything! Remember when he worked hard and a family came around him and said that he needed something to eat, because he had been busy executing the ministry and thought of that.

I know some people, though that are not very creative or strategic and can’t recruit people, but they brilliant at devising action plans and they are so reliable at executing them but they need idea generators and strategic guys behind them.

It’s a good idea to understand where your gifting lies. When you’re administering a church, an NGO, leading a project – even in business – understanding where your strengths are and where they are not is really important so that you can include people around you that have the strengths you perhaps don’t.

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